Every business has some type of communications challenge, and that’s especially true now.

The shift to remote/virtual and hybrid communications, product launches, and other activations is continuing into 2021 for most organizations. AKA’s unique experience in this space has helped brands including Pizza Hut, Crate and Barrel, McDonald’s, Rubbermaid, and Coca-Cola connect with consumers and stakeholders with a variety of virtual solutions.

As businesses continue critical activations remotely, AKA live production experts are crafting turnkey solutions regardless of geography or streaming platform.

Remote Video Production

Your next video communication assignment will most likely include a mix of existing visual assets and remote video productions. During the pandemic, we’re creating new content with existing assets and recording new professional content (including TV spots) remotely with our direct-ship production kits. Here’s a spot we produced from a Lin-Manuel Miranda Zoom conversation for Coca-Cola.

Virtual Press Conferences / Trade Shows / Events

Our unique experience connecting brands with important media outlets remotely is not new for AKA. We are creating memorable invite-only virtual experiences for media and influencers to secure earned coverage for product launches and other major announcements.

Live Social Activations

With executives, influencers, and celebrity spokespeople working remotely, AKA is ensuring flawless execution across multiple social platforms allowing you to reach your audience directly with live and/or recorded messaging.

Virtual Satellite Media Tours

We’re activating earned tours across all media (digital, broadcast, radio) without your spokesperson leaving their home. Interview with local and national broadcast, radio, and digital media outlets via a direct-ship production kit, and live stream platforms like Skype, Zoom, Google Hangouts, etc.

Internal Communications

With employees working remotely, leadership team communication and engagement is more important than ever. AKA is helping our clients with these key internal initiatives. We leverage your existing tech assets (regardless of your enterprise tech investments and platforms) and provide turnkey execution without hassle.

AKA is an award-winning strategic communications company, recognized worldwide as live and branded content experts. We know our relationships and our reputation as a trusted partner matter now more than ever. Let’s get a new conversation started, or pick up where we left off. Things have changed. Let’s keep changing together. To get started, contact our team using the form below.

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