This recording is a conversation between Andrew Krause and Pauli Cohen about the basic things you need to know about satellite media tours. You can read the transcript in its entirety below.

I got a call last week from somebody looking for more information about a Satellite Media Tour. She didn’t exactly understand what an SMT was — which is totally common — and she’s probably not alone, so why not share a breakdown of what a Satellite Media Tour is (and isn’t)!

First thing… A lot of clients will ask for a Co-Op Media Tour versus a stand alone media tour. A Co-Op Media Tour is a tour with one spokesperson and five or six clients who are sold into that tour. It’s not that difficult to pull off: it’s a very low price point, but it’s also got very low value.

When a client calls us and says that they want to book a Satellite Media Tour, the first thing we work through with them is the “Triangle of Truth.”

The Triangle of Truth consists of three things: The Story, The Star and The Location.


A brand may want to raise awareness for a campaign, share a piece of viral content or associate the brand with a cause or a trend. We also have to create a story that provides value to the audience, so the brand message is received in context and it’s not too salesy or brand-specific. We’re always looking to add value for the audience.


Stars come in many different shapes and sizes. The original influencers are celebrities, musicians, athletes and in some cases, CEOs.

We do a lot of influencer tours where we’re adding influence on top of an influencer play. It could be an Instagrammer, a YouTuber, or a Twitch gamer, where we’re delivering a crossover audience, so that the TV, radio and digital audience is exposed to these influencers and the campaign that you’ve already invested in.


The sky’s the limit when it comes to location. We can literally broadcast live from the air, the sea, a ship, Australia, Europe, or even a place where news is happening like a red carpet or the Superbowl. It’s possible to broadcast live from these exotic locations!

When we’re pitching the stories, it adds value too. Broadcasting from somewhere that may not necessarily be in-studio is more visually appealing to producers and for their viewers. We like to try to get outside of the “studio box,” if necessary.

But it all depends. In some cases being in the studio is exactly what we want to do.

Next, we determine the best kind of Streaming Media Tour. AKA offers three different types of Streaming Media Tours:

All-Earned Tour

We book every single interview via traditional media relations strategy. Everything is earned: online, broadcast TV and radio interviews.

Guaranteed Tour

We pay for placements on various TV and radio stations across the country, which means that we guarantee a certain number of interviews and impressions that you deliver to your client.

Hybrid Tour

This is a combination of All-Earned and Guaranteed Streaming Tours and is definitely the most popular tour that we book. We book earned media interviews, but supplement with paid segments, which act as a kind of insurance for our clients, so they can sleep at night knowing they’ll deliver a successful tour and hit their goals in terms of interviews, impressions and message delivery.

Warning: When working with any type of vendor on a Satellite Media Tour, be on the lookout for full transparency when it comes to guaranteed interviews. We always call them what they are: paid interviews on TV or radio. All of our digital outlets book earned interviews.

In addition to the basic strategy of Earned, Paid or Hybrid, we have dozens of other tricks up our sleeves:

  • Radio Audio News Releases (ANR)
  • 30-second spots during the national network morning shows (The TODAY Show, GMA, CBS This Morning, Fox & Friends)
  • Facebook Live
  • Additional earned media opportunities

There are a lot of ways to build on the basic structure of your Satellite Media Tour, starting with these basic steps:

  • Identify the Triangle of Truth (The Story, The Star and The Location)
  • Choose the type of tour that’s best for your client, needs and budget (Earned, Guaranteed or Hybrid)

…And you know you’re delivering a happy ending by pulling it all together.

Bonus Material

Satellite Media Tours can have lots of names, including:

  • Streaming Media Tour
  • Digital Media Tour

You may also see:

  • SMT
  • RMT
  • IMT

These mean Satellite Media Tour, Radio Media Tour or Internet Media Tour, which are sometimes called Integrated Media Tours. But whatever you call it, if you’re looking to deliver a stand alone media tour, we can help.







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