2005 was a monumental year for entertainment technology. The new video sharing website, YouTube, was introduced to the world, and Microsoft set a new standard for video game technology unveiling the Xbox360. Facebook first rolled out to high schools across the nation, expanding beyond its original college exclusive social network. Apple was in the midst of its iTunes silhouette advertising campaign, and AKA purchased a tiny silver iPod Mini to play music on hold for our customers.

So much has changed in entertainment technology over the past 12 years. Nearly five billion videos are viewed on YouTube around the world every single day. Virtual reality drives video game innovation, and Facebook has evolved into the global home of real and fake news content while owning the largest photo sharing app in the world with Instagram.

With new apps and technologies, technological miracles that were unfathomable 12 years ago are now common consumer expectations as everyone with a smartphone has the potential to be a content producer.

And yet, the clunky, outdated silver iPod Mini continues to play music for our customers on hold, just as it has since 2005.

The creativity of a simple idea, such as using this iPod for AKA’s hold music, transforms the iPod into a cultural symbol of AKA. Then checking it out 12 years later to see it still working, well that’s very satisfying. Andrew Krause, Managing Partner / Founder

Our iPod Mini symbolizes AKA values: execution, consistency and reliability. It runs around the clock, day-in and day-out as the music it plays changes with the times, entertaining our customers while they hold.

While its role is small, the iPod Mini always answers the call. At AKA, we are loyal to our function and purpose, and we believe in the value of our ability to merge our production skills with flawless technical execution in the most challenging environments. That’s why we’re so proud of our 2005 iPod Mini. We purchased it to play hold music, and it has never failed us once. We can be loyal to that.







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