Case Study

Tight Turnaround? Celebrity Activation? No Problem.

Coors Light tapped AKA to craft an unusual Instagram video for its 2020 holiday “Beerman” ad campaign featuring Adam Devine, star of “Workaholics” and “Pitch Perfect.”

The Challenge

Produce a light-hearted, holiday-themed social media video with Adam Devine (and a “Beerman” snowman) at his home in sunny LA. Finish the shoot before the snowman melts, and post the assets on social media within one week.

The AKA Solution

Working directly with Adam’s team to accommodate his busy schedule, AKA coordinated the entire production with a dedicated special effects team for the real Coors Light “Beerman”, and a full LA-based crew. Now the stage was set for Adam to “Chill and drink beers” in his backyard with his new friend. AKA edited and optimized several social media assets for Adam’s IG page within the tight turnaround requirement.

Our Approach

Our agency partners shared their vision, brand requirements, and guidelines with AKA. AKA confirmed the brand and agency expectations, identified and selected trusted partners and resources in LA. With AKA executing on behalf of our agency partners, our brand clients could “Chill and drink beers” in their own homes for the holidays.  

Our Proof

With 1.2 million views and counting on Adam’s Instagram post, AKA helped Coors Light amplify the brand impact of it’s “Beerman” Super Bowl LV commercial campaign.







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