Case Study

Game Day is Guac Day!

AKA’s Game Day is Guac Day campaign for Wisconsin-based Good Foods Group exceeded all expectations by creating an emotional connection with sports fans.

The Challenge

In early 2021, when any gathering was a great reason to hoist a guac-laden chip with friends and family, avid sports fans were hungry after missing out on months of attending and watching live sports during the pandemic. Good Foods needed a campaign to raise brand awareness and support sales of its seasonally-themed “Game Day” packaging with key retailers in select markets.

The AKA Solution

AKA’s creative solution for the campaign was that any “Game Day” could be “Guac Day” as sports fans prepared to engage for the Super Bowl in February, followed by NCAA March Madness. The campaign needed the right pandemic tone to meet the moment, and needed to reach the right audiences at the right time to elevate the brand.

Our Approach

For Good Foods’ first-ever OTT promotion, AKA’s unique approach elevated the brand’s ad game by collaborating with two renowned sports advertising legends, Barry Burdiak, Creative Director for more than a dozen award-winning Super Bowl commercials, and voice actor Pete Stacker, known for Bud-Light’s “Real Men of Genius” ads. 

Leveraging hysterical user-generated pandemic content combined with an uplifting music track, motion graphics, and the expert narration by Pete Stacker, AKA crafted laugh-out-loud TVCs and social videos for the live sports-deprived fans who longed for sitting in the stands and cheering on their teams. 

With media planning to support both the Super Bowl and March Madness, AKA secured hyper-targeted OTT placements based on age, interest and location, pre-roll placements on local news websites, TVCs on select Super Bowl pre-shows in local markets, and branded-content for use on Good Foods’ social channels.

Our Proof

The Game Day is Guac Day campaign for Good Foods was right for the moment and scored more than 97 percent video completion rates within the target demographic. Expectations for audience reach exceeded expectations by 80 percent with more than 2.1 million total impressions over broadcast and OTT in coveted markets (Chicago, Atlanta, Columbus, Cincinnati, and Greensboro).







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