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For more than 20 years, Ulta-Lit Technologies has offered products that help families celebrate the holiday season. Their revolutionary LightKeeper Pro is the only light set repair tool that quickly repairs broken light sets and pre-lit Christmas trees — all with a simple pull of the trigger. Ulta-Lit first tapped AKA in 2015 to produce their first-ever advertising spot for national television. After the success of this spot, Ulta-Lit saw their sales grow, so they returned to AKA for help in developing a full digital marketing campaign.


Ulta-Lit tapped AKA to create and execute a direct-to-consumer digital approach via Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube, driving to Amazon for purchase. While Ulta-Lit needed experts to build a strong and targeted digital campaign, they also needed a team knowledgeable in the brand’s creative and messaging, with the ability to review and revise previously shot footage to maximize resources.


Securely scrub Ulta-Lit’s first-party purchase data to gain greater visibility into the behaviors of the LightKeeper Pro purchaser and use these insights to create tailored assets that communicate product key messages. Serve these assets using a targeted, strategic approach via social in order to drive consumers through the purchase funnel during the pre-holiday shopping rush.

Our Approach

AKA securely gathered and analyzed LightKeeper Pro’s purchaser data to create hyper-focused creative assets, market segments and ‘look-alike’ profiles. This memorable content succinctly communicated product benefits and was positioned in front of audiences poised to purchase. A combination of full message delivery and optimal frequency helped create product demand and drive consumers through the purchase funnel to Amazon.

This purchase path strategically moved each target audience set through the funnel, while AKA continually monitored the campaign and made daily (and sometimes even hourly) optimizations along the way.

Our Proof

AKA surpassed its goals for the pilot program by reaching more than 20 million targeted consumers inclined to purchase, providing product education and routing consumers through the purchase funnel. These product purchasers turned into fans and shared positive reviews on Amazon; Ulta-Lit saw a 40% increase in purchaser reviews compared to the previous year.

On average, LightKeeper Pro ads received a 3.77% clickthrough rate and a cost per click of $0.19. For similar campaigns, average clickthrough rates top at 1.6% and average cost per click begins at $0.97.

While this digital marketing campaign helped contribute to LightKeeper Pro’s online sales, it also allowed Ulta-Lit to collect new data about LightKeeper Pro purchasers, helping contribute to real-time optimization, as well as build LightKeeper Pro’s consumer database for future insights.







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