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Nick Langlois

Senior Client Advisor

Job Responsibilities:

  • Serve clients as the go-to resource for all digital content production.
  • Advise clients on how to best utilize live video, media tours, and branded social media campaigns.
  • Help clients gain additional publicity through both earned media and viral content.
  • Ensure that campaign goals and impression / performance metrics are surpassed with every project.

What do you think is the future of marketing?

The future of marketing is more personalized, data-driven, and engaging. As people continue to interact with devices and platforms that collect consumer data, the ability to target niche groups is only going to get better. Brands should be prepared to capitalize on this data by knowing exactly who their target demographic is and where they can be reached most effectively.

Also, when it comes to engaging content, streaming video is only becoming more accessible. All major social media networks have positioned their platforms to display video, and with fast 5G data networks coming online, streaming this content is getting easier and easier. Brands should be consistently communicating with their audience through video if they plan to stay relevant in the ’20s.

What makes AKA special?

Our primary goal is to earn our reputation as a trusted partner. We do this by putting our client’s end goals and objectives at the forefront of every project, and leveraging the expertise and experience of our team to deliver as much value as possible.







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