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Jason Vargas


What do you do?

  • Co-manage the stewardship of AKA.
  • Set the vision and direction for the company.
  • Lead the concepts/strategies for clients’ campaigns.
  • Drive the business growth of the company.
  • Inspire my co-workers and clients on “what can be.”

What do you think is the future of marketing?

With roughly two billion smartphones in use in the world, an increasing number of cord-cutting cable subscribers, and the emergence of streaming content, and more and people hating to see ads, it’s become extremely tough for brands to connect with their target consumers – not to mention for corporate communicators to engage with their key stakeholders.

I think Tiffany Hsu said it best in an article in the NY Times, that the advertising industry faces an “existential need for change.” It is much harder for brands to reach their target audiences. There are too many channels and options, and the cost of marketing is going up. The cost to cover all of those channels has proliferated.

We’re here to help our clients navigate the waters of how to best reach their audiences, may it be through experiential engagement, live events, or digital communication. Our work promises to build awareness, engage critical stakeholders, increase demand, promote customer retention, and generate sales.

What makes AKA special?

It’s our people; our team is made up of smart, down-to-earth, motivated, and genuine people who have a fantastic work ethic.







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