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Connor Scott

Producer, Project Manager

What do you do?

  • Manage production workflow.
  • Organize, produce, and deliver video productions and livestreams.
  • Ensure my clients’ stories are told authentically through active listening and communication.

What do you think is the future of marketing?

The future of marketing is not just a fixed point, it’s a continuously moving target, with a fluctuating list of new markets, new data points, and new platforms. A traditional advertising campaign doesn’t guarantee attention when content creators can access top-line production value. This is where strategic problem-solving becomes the key to crafting a brilliant campaign. It’s an exciting time to be in marketing, where each campaign isn’t just trying to be different but must be different. AKA welcomes the challenge!

The only guarantee about the future of marketing is that content needs to be clearer, smarter, and more targeted. Every time a campaign is rolled out, we have a shot at making an impact in real-time.

What makes AKA special?

We’re light on our feet, and we’re ready to pivot. Our team knows the solutions to speak to the story, but must continuously scale, adapt, and improve over time to build long-term brand awareness. In a world with thousands of hours of media competition, we know how to make a campaign not just get noticed but stay noticed.







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